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La Philosophe La Philosophe

La Philosophe

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1.0 liter
Logis de la Fee Verte

In Val-de-Travers most distillers make the classic La Bleue style absinthes. But that's not the only thing that is recurring there. The erotic - or perverted - labels is a common theme.

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La Philosophe
La Philosophe

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La Philosophe 2011-12-15 20:38:05 Markus Hartsmar
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Reviewed by Markus Hartsmar    December 15, 2011

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It just seems like the stream of La Bleues never ends. This here is another one I bought in Boveresse and it's another one with a slightly nontraditional label. Call it Pornsinthe if you like...
Distilled in Couvet, home of many absinthes old and new it certainly carries on what has become a "classic" La Bleue style. With an aroma mainly based on Fennel, Anise and Wormwood with little hints of Melissa and a faint minty touch it presents itself as fairly well balanced yet slightly uninteresting.

It louches up just fine when I add iced water to it and ends up in a nice thick white and the aroma actually turns a bit more flowery herbal somehow. The first taste presents a nice full and rich mouth-feel but the aftertaste leaves an awkward dirty taste. Nothing that would indicate a huge error in manufacture or anything but just a strange after taste. The taste is otherwise quite classical La Bleue. No more, no less.
Basically it's "just another" La Bleue. It's quite drinkable with the only disturbing thing being that odd taste. I'm sure some will like that though. There are finer La Bleues out there but it is drinkable.
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