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You seem to loose your feet, and you mount a boundless realm without horizon. You probably imagine that you are going in the direction of the infinite, whereas you are simply drifting into the incoherent.

- American Journal of Pharmacy, 1868

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The Absinthe Ritual - How to prepare an absinthe

Absinthe facts and history

OK, so you've heard some of the scariest things about absinthe, or - you've heard the most wonderful things maybe? Whichever, in here I will try to straighten things out a bit. From the beginning of absinthe history more than 200 years ago up to the modern revival of absinthe starting in the 1990's. I have also devoted a separate section to the history of absinthe up here in the north, in and around Scandinavia.

The history of absinthe

So many stories, myths and rumours are heard and told about absinthe. The question is how much truth lies in it. To get to the bottom of that we need to go more than 200 years back in time and travel to the Jura mountains in Switzerland and France where absinthe as we know it started its journey.


Modern revival of absinthe

In the 1990's absinthe made a come-back in stores across Europe. Some of the modern revival reminds of absinthe's old history in many ways, only today science is a little more exact. Read here to learn how absinthe came back not only to Europe but the USA as well as Asia.


Absinthe history in Scandinavia

Several famous Nordic authors, poets and painters are often connected to absinthe in one way or the other. Either they were known to drink it, or they mentioned it in their works. But how widely spread was absinthe really all the way up here in the north? I am uncovering some of that history here - a constant work in progress...


- absinthe books and poetry -

Many writers "of old" wrote poems or passages about absinthe. Some drank it, some didn't. Find some of them here as well as reviews and notes on modern books about absinthe.  


- latest news and additions -

The Absinthe Poetry section has seen several updates the past days. Poems and information about more authors; Antonin Artaud, Arthur Symons, Francis Saltus Saltus, Florence Folsom and Robert Loveman. Open your mind and have a drink while you enjoy their lyrics. 


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