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You seem to loose your feet, and you mount a boundless realm without horizon. You probably imagine that you are going in the direction of the infinite, whereas you are simply drifting into the incoherent.

- American Journal of Pharmacy, 1868

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Absinthe L'Italienne Absinthe L'Italienne

Absinthe L'Italienne

Brand information

0.5 liter
ALPE srl. / Stefano Rossoni

L'Italienne is the first high end traditionally made Italian absinthe to hit the market. Absinthe enthusiast Stefano Rossoni made this in the ALPE distillery and the result is definitely something to write home about.

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Absinthe L'Italienne
Absinthe L'Italienne

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Absinthe L'Italienne 2011-12-06 20:47:39 Markus Hartsmar
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Reviewed by Markus Hartsmar    December 06, 2011

Absinthe reviews

Every year in Pontarlier and Boveresse for the absinthe festivals there's a little Italian crowd of absintheurs. A bunch of very good people with the love for very good absinthe. So, there's really only one thing wrong with that and that is the fact that there's not really any good Italian absinthes. The Farom Old Blanche is excellent but not yet commercially available... The Dedo is complete crap and the Leone Absinthium is not a whole lot better. So, one of these Italian absintheurs, Stefano did this, L'Italienne. A truly authentic absinthe verte from Italy.

It has a slightly brown/yellowish hue to the green color, leaning a bit towards olive oil but more vibrant. I would personally like it a bit more green but it's natural looking and definitely appealing.
The first impression when smelling it is that it's a highly complex, spicy yet flowery herbal absinthe. It's quite promising. Slowly adding iced water to it generates a nice thick louche, slowly rising from the bottom of the glass putting wings to the nice floral aromas and help them fill the room. The aroma develops into a nice blooming herbal garden inviting me to drink.
The taste is crisp and clean with a good portion of wormwood and a healthy amount of green anise. Its nicely blended composition of herbs is so very balanced and there's nothing that stands out on its own too much. It creates a nice typical absinthe flavor. Maybe that sounds simple and boring but on the contrary, that is the essence of absinthe. Complexity so well carried out that it seems simple and straight forward.

This absinthe is absolutely a very fine high quality addition to the ever growing list of absinthes available today. It stands out not only in being Italian but also because it's really good. So, now Italy has two good absinthes soon available on the market. The L'Italienne verte absinthe and the Farom blanche which I hope to see commercialized really soon... Salute!
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