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Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte

Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte

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0.75 liter
Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros is a small batch distillery in Denver, Colorado, that makes pre-prohibition style Whiskies as well as Gin and Vodka. After regulations for thujone changed in the US in 2007, they also make an authentic absinthe verte, and an interesting one at that.

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Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte
Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte

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Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte 2012-01-31 19:00:02 Markus Hartsmar
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Reviewed by Markus Hartsmar    January 31, 2012

Absinthe reviews

The Leopold Absinthe Verte is one of the many absinthes that came to market shortly after the regulations regarding absinthe - or rather thujone - in the U.S were changed. The Leopold Bros. distillery is a small batch distillery devoted to making artisanal products ranging from liqueurs to bourbon, gin, absinthe and more. But as we all know - just because you're good at making one thing doesn't mean you can make the other. So, how good are the Leopold Bros at making absinthe?

The truth? They're really good at it.

The Leopold Absinthe is a nice yellowish green, a little like olive oil in color, and clearly natural. Pouring a measure in the glass reveals a quite interesting drink. The aroma is very fruity along with a nice hint of well balanced anise. There's a lemony scent to it way in the back but it's in no way overpowering. It's just there.
Everything is on the same level here and it's hard to pinpoint specific ingredients that take the front row. On the whole the aroma promises a very well balanced drink but it could also mean a bland and dull drink once louched.

So, adding iced water to it slowly produces a nice and thick louche and the fruitiness literally rises from the glass.
The mouthfeel is on par with what I expected from the louche and the aroma. That is a very creamy mouthfeel. There's nothing that disturbs this but I find there is something missing. Nothing that puts me off or anything but that little extra oomph I was expecting just wasn't there.

Tastewise the Leopold Absinthe Verte is unique in a way. It's not just another absinthe but also doesn't step away too far from it, like the St. George did. The creaminess in the mouthfeel is clearly from the Fennel I find lingering in there. Also, the fruitiness carries on in the taste and still the overall profile of the drink is so well balanced that if it wasn't for the fennel kicking in and the fruitiness, which I suspect is from the Wormwood, it probably would have been rather boring.
But - now it isn't. It's a nice drink all in all. I personally would've liked it to be a little more edgy in some aspects and maybe a little less of the sweetness I mentioned before, but on the whole - it's well worth buying and neither of those things make it a bad drink.

Sadly it's not available over here in Europe though, but that just might change eventually. If you're in the U.S and haven't tried the Leopold Verte yet, you really should though. It's one of the better U.S made brands, no doubt.
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