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You seem to loose your feet, and you mount a boundless realm without horizon. You probably imagine that you are going in the direction of the infinite, whereas you are simply drifting into the incoherent.

- American Journal of Pharmacy, 1868

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Pere Kermann's Absinthe Pere Kermann's Absinthe

Pere Kermann's Absinthe

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0.7 liter
Mixed & Macerated

Another one of those first essence mixes to hit the market in late 1990's. Also the only one to be found in stores in Sweden for many years. A shame - that's all I can say.

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Pere Kermann's Absinthe 2011-12-07 16:32:04 Markus Hartsmar
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Reviewed by Markus Hartsmar    December 07, 2011

Absinthe reviews

It had been a while since I bought a new bottle, so I went to the Swedish Systembolaget (government owned liqourstores!), and got this one. I pretty much knew what I'd think of it, since I've had this one in some bars before, but then as shots. Now, I got it home, and me and a friend poured a glass each.

Smelling it wasn't a pleasant surprise at all. It smelled alcohol and candy. The color is artificially green-blue, comparable to mouthwash or washer fluid! We tasted it neat, and it tasted awful. We both decided to add 2 sugarcubes to it, and some iced water. But unfortunately it didn't improve anything. This is undrinkable. It doesn't fill one single void out there. It's a shame this one is even sold.

When adding the iced water absolutely nothing happened. No louche at all. Bah! But then again, they're not stating to be authentic in any way either. Other than the name, imposing that this would be an absinthe. On the back of the bottle it clearly states the contents: alcohol, water, aroma, wormwood infusion, sugar and coloring (E133, E102).

There is no way in the world I can recommend this to anyone. I doubt it would even be good for mixing a drink with.
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