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I sit at my door, smoking a cigarette and sipping my absinthe, and I enjoy every day without a care in the world.

- Paul Gaugin, 1897

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Prazsky Prague Absinth Prazsky Prague Absinth

Prazsky Prague Absinth

Brand information

0.1 liter
Likérka Delis-Petra
Czech Republic
Mixed & Macerated

This represents the urtyp of Czech absinth. Bitter.

Editor reviews

Prazsky Prague Absinth 2011-12-06 21:04:54 Markus Hartsmar
Absinthe.se rating 
Reviewed by Markus Hartsmar    December 06, 2011

Absinthe reviews

So. Not that I didn't expect it to be totally crappy, but this was probably the worst experience I've ever had drinking anything.

This here is so awfully bitter and completely undrinkable that I just can't understand the meaning of it. Tried neat it made my tongue curl and my mouth went completely dry. Don't even think of "enjoying" this one neat. Added water naturally didn't produce a louche (or would that be louch for Czech absinth?) and it didn't help make this vile concoction any more drinkable. Down the drain it went, and the bottle will be left alone, forever. It's at times like these that I wish I didn't bother trying the stuff I know is bad, just to let all the rest of you know how bad it is, and make you stay away from it.
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