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Musset didn't write the way he did because he drank absinthe, instead he drank for the same reason for which he wrote just like that: namely out of despair.

-August Strindberg, 1886
Tjänstekvinnans Son
(The Son of a Servant)

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King of Spirits Gold King of Spirits Gold

King of Spirits Gold

Brand information

L'Or Spirits
Czech Republic
Mixed & Macerated

If you have way too much money on your hand and you feel like using them for something completely useless. That's still not reason enough to buy this. Typical Czech - Cheap to make, expensive to buy, bitter and really bad.

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King of Spirits Gold 2011-12-06 21:01:05 Markus Hartsmar
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Reviewed by Markus Hartsmar    December 06, 2011

Absinthe reviews

The one absinth from the Czech republic that constantly claims to be the only real and authentic absinthe out there is probably the King of Spirits and the King of Spirits Gold. So, how much truth lies in this?
At December 10th of 2006 no less than eleven people from around the world did a simultaneous tasting entirely independent of each other. The conclusion and result of that tasting was unanimous. I myself took part of that tasting and my review below reflects the outcome.

The color of the King of Spirits Gold is actually very nice and vibrant green. Sadly, this is disturbed by the herbal debris placed in the bottle deliberately. Why anyone would place anything floating around in the bottle is a mystery since it will only contribute to making the taste go worse by the second. Either way, pouring the King of Spirits Gold in a glass actually reveals a quite decent aroma. Not at all as obtrusive as one might think. It lends some scents from the fennel found in the bottle and also some scent of anise and of course wormwood. There's more in there, but the quality of the herbs used aren't exactly top notch and it appears even some are of the wrong cultivars!

Now, the aroma raises the expectation a little bit though and I start adding ice cold water to it, slowly. The only thing that happens is some oily swirls in the absinthe and the color is getting thinner and thinner. There is no louche here at all. After adding the water the aroma flattens out into a sad nothingness.

On to tasting it... At first it presents a nice and rich mouth-feel which is then abruptly murdered by an excessively dry bitterness and any expectations are blown to pieces in an instant. The taste is that of bitterness and alcohol with a little something trying to get past that but it fails miserably. Overall this is not the worst absinthe I've tasted but it is very far from authentic, it's very far from being an absinthe at all and most of all it's very very far from being worth a fraction of the $200 a bottle of this costs. Needless to say - this is nothing I recommend.
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