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Havel's Alpen Absinth Havel's Alpen Absinth

Havel's Alpen Absinth

Brand information

Czech Republic

A distilled Czech absinthe blanche. At the time when it still existed it was without doubt the better of the Czech absinths.

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Havel's Alpen Absinth 2011-12-06 20:56:17 Markus Hartsmar
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Reviewed by Markus Hartsmar    December 06, 2011

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I received a sample of the no longer available Czech blanche absinth, Havel's Alpen from Arthur Frayn, a good absintheur friend. I must actually say that apart from the new Cami Toulouse Lautrec - it's a shame for the Czech absinth "industry" that this one is no longer available. This was probably the only Czech absinth I would ever consider drinking again if it was still in production and if the Toulouse Lautrec had not been released.

I can't say it was perfect, since it wasn't but it was at least palatable. It's a distilled absinth and it did louche. Even if the louche was a bit thin it was there. The aroma was not the very best, and it did present a rather harsh smell with a clear lack of richness and complexity, as did the taste. There was some good things going on in the back but it never actually got out to make the drink really good.

Given this it might not sound very good, but taking into consideration that it was Czech made and comparing it to what else is and was coming out from the producers in the Czech Republic, this was actually quite good. Compared to what's available today from other parts of the world, it doesn't score that high though. Either way, it has been discontinued so there's really no reason to bother.
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