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The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.

-Oscar Wilde

The Absinthe Ritual - How to prepare an absinthe

Recommended absinthe vendors

The links presented below lead to the vendors that I personally have some form of experience in dealing with. I know there are a lot of other vendors for absinthe out there, but I only list the ones that I have used and is satisfied with. If I come across others, with good enough service I will be sure to list those as well.


Absinthe.de is run by Markus Lion and part of Lion-Spirits. they carry a wide selection of absinthes with the main focus on top quality brands. Absinthe.de is the main distributor for the entire Duplais range along with Mansinthe and all other absinthes from the Oliver Matter distillery in Kallnach, Switzerland.

As a part of Lion-Spirits you can also get top notch bitters, cocktail mixers and hard to come by Rye Whiskeys as well as some wonderful Gins.

They also have a wide selection of replica absinthiana such as glasses, spoons, fountains and brouilleurs. Customer service is outstanding and pricing and shipping fees and very fair.

» Visit Absinthe.de


Formerly known as RueVerte.de, absinthes.com is probably the biggest online store for absinthe. With an extremely large selection of absinthes they carry everything from the top quality brands to the lowest of the low. So, be sure to know what to get. Absinthes.com is the main distributor for absinthes from the Emile Pernot distillery and carries all their fine products such as L'Authentique, Sauvage, Vieux Pontarlier and Un Emile.

Their selection of absinthe glasses and spoons is excellent and they also sell amazing canvas posters. Pricing is very fair and customer service is always prompt and excellent.

» Visit Absinthes.com

Liqueurs de France - Absintheonline.com

The first absinthe store to only sell top quality absinthes and also the first ones to sell the Jade absinthes when they were first released. Their selection of absinthes may not be the biggest but the brands they sell are from the finest producers and of top quality.

They also sell wonderful replica absinthe glasses and spoons. Customer service is excellent and their shipping is super-fast.

» Visit Absintheonline.com

Fine Spirits Corner

An extremely extensive selection of absentas and absinthes. Located in Barcelona, Spain. Also carries a very large selection of wine, whiskey and even cigars.

Probably the biggest and best source for Spanish Absentas.

» Visit Spiritscorner.com

- absinthe books and poetry -

Many writers "of old" wrote poems or passages about absinthe. Some drank it, some didn't. Find some of them here as well as reviews and notes on modern books about absinthe.  


- latest news and additions -

The Absinthe Poetry section has seen several updates the past days. Poems and information about more authors; Antonin Artaud, Arthur Symons, Francis Saltus Saltus, Florence Folsom and Robert Loveman. Open your mind and have a drink while you enjoy their lyrics. 


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